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Hi! My name is Natalia aka Natalikka.
I'm a blogger and photographer.
I'm writing about food cooking and travelling.
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Gastronomy & Food

I love to discover new tastes and and new dishes, testing them in different parts of the world. All that impress me much i'm always trying to cook by myself and share with my readers. Some of these recipes entered into my daily menu for a long time:))

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Around the World

I'm fond of travelling and i'd like to share my impressions from visiting different countries and beatiful places all around the world. I'm trying to note something new from the lifestyle of all those places that might be useful for me and my readers.

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Selftested Recipes

Only the best food recipes selected (sometimes even developed), cooked and tested by me personally with the pictures made by me either.

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Cooking Classes

My reports from the cooking masterclasses and step-by-step illustrated recipes will help you to learn how to cook best dishes from different sides of the world...

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Food for good mood

Welcome to my blog about good food cooking & travelling. All the photos you can find in my blog are made by myself, so you can trust that the things i'm writing about look like they are looking at the photos in my blog:))
If you'd like to contact me, please mail me on mail[at] or call +79262032412